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December 2018
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 To, or not [open]

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PostSubject: To, or not [open]   Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:52 am

With lazy footsteps, Takano ri makes his way towards the school gates. It Was close to the last place he wanted to be on the entire planet, but it was better than home. The teen had snuck out before his father Woke up from his alcohol enduced coma. He knew he'd get it when he got back home though. It was always so predictable.

The small teen is nearly shoved aside by a 3rd year and he rolls his eyes. He takes his new direction, Walking off the sidewalk and towards the back PE field. Maybe he'd just take the day off instead. No one would probably notice anyway. The only question was, where would he go? There really wasn't any .place for the silent teen that he wouldn't get in trouble for going to.

A sigh leaves him as he looks back up at the school. Maybe it would be better to just go. They'd probably call his father for skipping, and that he really couldn't have. Takanori ends up walking in circles around some of the cherry blossom trees that are in the courtyard. Decisions, decisions...
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To, or not [open]
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