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January 2019
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 Lost? [Open]

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PostSubject: Lost? [Open]   Sat May 14, 2011 10:05 pm

Crouching in his teacher's chair Arimura shuffled through the mess of papers on his desk. His pale face held a blank expression as his full lips were in their usual pout. He was looking for a particular paper that was written by a student that he seemed to have misplaced after grading and couldn't seem to find it anywhere. He knew he had read and graded it because it was one of the longer assignments that were handed in. It would just figure that the student was the type that would want it back.

Thinking about it, Arimura wasn't really held very high on the teaching staff. He only taught Zoology, and Biology when there was a teacher who needed a brief substitute. And his appearance wasn't quite what you would call professional. His clothes where often layered and seemed disarranged, and his hair was never very neat. He also had a certain, disliking, for shoes. But that is the way he liked it no matter how much people thought he was a loon. So his organization skills didn't seem the best, but he certainly wasn't incompetent. He knew exactly what he was doing even if it didn't seem like it.

Arimura's dark eyes darted around the desk as his hands moved the papers around. A fluffy ball of fur moved on the corner of the desk and his eyes went to it, his head tilting just a bit. It was the guinea pig that had gotten sick that he let out of the cage. Well, he let all of the animals run freely if it was safe for both them and those present in the school, but this one he kept with him until it was feeling better. The small ball of fur was laying on a packet of papers and Arimura recognized it almost immediately. He picked up the small animal with a light smile playing on his plush lips. "So that's where it was. Using it as a bed I see," he spoke quietly to the animal as he often did to them. Holding the guinea pig, he picked up the papers he had been searching for and placed them in his top left drawer so they would be easier to find later when he needed to give them back to the student, hoping that the kid wouldn't mind that it had been a hamster home for the past few days.
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Lost? [Open]
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