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 Mana Application ★★★

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PostSubject: Mana Application ★★★   Mon May 09, 2011 2:02 am

Teacher's Name: Mana
Applying for: Human Health Science, Economics, Drama
Age/D.O.B.: 39/ Decembr 4th, 1971

Credentials: Master's degree in Psychology and a Bachelor's in Science Education, also a teaching degree from Tokyo University, and Master's in Theater

Personality: Mana is the very type to have one scratching their head most of the time in confusion. He could be gentle and speaking with eloquent words one moment, and only around close people he knows, he could be spewing cuss words like a sailor if something is bothering him enough. Although most of the time, he is eager to show how something is done, and properly, especially in his classes.

Mana is very proper and upstanding when it deals with manners and attitude, and only when he becomes frustrated, he will act cold and collected with a sharp wit and silver tongue. Being a virgin, he is quite reserved when it comes to many things, and he could be veiwed as being a 'stick in the mud' or too prim and proper, but this is because he is reserving himself. In a school situation, however, he is very business oriented and will refuse to cross that line, to keep control of any situation that may cross his path.

Likes: Books, theater, quiet music, a relaxed atmosphere (why he chose teaching he still has to figure out to this day), culture, the French language, the season winter, hot tea, sweets (though will pretend he is not addicted to them, he has a large weak spot for them).

Dislikes: Loud and obnoxious people and situations, tension, coffee, octopus, uncultured, rude and close-minded people.

History: Growing up, Mana was not your usual child. He enjoyed to sew and do domesticated things his mother would normally teach a daughter to do. He was not the boy who would get into the dirt or mud, and absolutely refused to get onto a bicycle or anything that would cause him to get a cut or scrape. He also dressed differently in school. He wore skirts and dresses which caused an uproar with his parents, but the only reason they did not argue with him is because his grades were fantastic.

Even going to college, Mana's efforts were geared more towards his goals and education than boys or -shudder- girls. Girls frightened him, and boys made him nervous so it was decided way back that he would avoid them both at all costs. This gave him enough leeway to focus on his studies and his art (theater) rather than who he was waking up to the following morning. Of course it was lonely at times, but to stave off that desire, he had enough willpower to simply dive into work more than dwell on his needs. It made Mana's life much easier this way. . .even though his students and family thought otherwise.

About You
Name: Hikaru
Time Zone: EST
Availability: Most of the time.

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PostSubject: Re: Mana Application ★★★   Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:17 pm

Approved by Italy WAY after the fact.
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Mana Application ★★★
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