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 'Hiding' [Open]

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PostSubject: 'Hiding' [Open]   Sat May 14, 2011 10:38 pm

The sun shown brightly down on the world in the still morning sky, hardly any clouds to cover the pale blueness. Ko-Ki sat on the concrete of the roof leaning against the wall on the other side of where the door was and in the shade. Just being done with yet another pointless counsellings session, he was forming a headache with all of the bullshit he was fed. Luckily they weren't still trying to force pills down his throat.

Letting a deep sigh flow from his lips he stared at the sky with dull eyes. Normally he like the sky, took comfort in watching the clouds drift by. He would often wish that he was one of them, able to float along not feeling anything or having to listen to or worry about anyone. He knew it was stupid, but he still did it regardless. But today seemed different. It seemed like no matter what he did or thought about, he couldn't shake the awful feelings plaguing him today. Granted they were always there, but sometimes he was able to ignore them.

Taking a deep breath the teen closed his eyes for a moment taking in the breeze that sprawled across the rooftop. Opening them again, Ko-Ki brought up one of his legs reaching and taking off his shoe. He pulled an X-acto knife from inside of it before putting it back on. It was the most convenient place to hide it, even though he had to change his shoes to go into class. The blond had plenty of ways of sneaking the little instrument around with him, and he also made sure to have more than one just in case.

Moving his body to slouch more, he un-tucked his shirt and pulled it up a bit to expose his stomach. Above where his pants lay on his lower waist where two long slits that followed the curve of his hip bone, still a little red from being fairly new. Ko-Ki took off the cover of his blade and set it to the side and held the point to the lower part of his hip. Slicing the skin, he bit his lip nearly smiling as he made a perfectly strait cut alongside the others.
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'Hiding' [Open]
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